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Relieve stress immediately

You might have, or not have, tried different mindfulness practices. It really does not matter if you have experience or not. Breathwork changes the state of your mind and body in one single session. Although - leaving you wanting more, I dare to say...

The author James Nestor, wrote in his best-selling book “Breathe” that “the fastest way to build a better, stronger health foundation is to start a breathwork practice. It’s one of the fastest ways to reduce anxiety, stress, and the build up of feelings that can overwhelm and cause burn out."

If you hold your breath, which you tend to do when stressed, the amount of carbon dioxide in the body increases. A more oxygenated brain reduces feelings associated with stress, hence the importance of learning how to breathe - or simply use the breath to release the feelings of stress and find a calm in you.

This is not a fluke. More and more, breathing exercises are gaining credibility all over the world amongst research institutions and top health influencers such as Harvard medical school, Stanford university, Joe Rogan, Tim Ferris among with celebrity influencers such as Owen Wilson and Brooke Burke.

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