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Reiki can soothe your nervous system and help balance your own energy and stimulate a very deep relaxation and at the same time enhance your own body's ability to recover and heal. Welcome to a relaxing moment completely without the need for performance.

What is Reiki

Reiki is an energy healing with old roots from Japan and has been practiced for over 2500 years, and is a gentle, light touched healing modality that will help soothe your nervous system, stimulate deep relaxation and your body’s own natural ability to heal and recover. It can help in reducing stress, personal transformation, as a complement during illness and as a tool to enhance your everyday well-being. 
We are built up by energy, and when optimal, the energy within us should flow easily and freely. Sometimes this is not the case and we can feel stuck or stressed. Reiki healing aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks, in a similar way to acupuncture or acupressure, and with the use of a variety of light hand placements and techniques Reiki activates the body’s own healing process. Reiki soothes the nervous system, helps balancing your own energy and stimulates a very deep relaxation

What can Reiki help you with

Reiki has evidence from modern research to be an effective treatment in reducing stress and depression, anxiety and physical and mental pain or tensions. Reiki can improve sleep and insomnia, reduce symptoms of illness, help with a personal transformation and be used as a tool in your journey within. Physically, a treatment increases the oxytocin in the body - what is usually called the body's own happiness hormone.
Reiki is classified as rehabilitative fitness by the Swedish Tax Agency, which means that you can use your fitness allowance for Reiki.
As a company/employer, this means that Reiki is deductible in the same way as for example a massage. 
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What you might experience from Reiki 

Through these sessions practitioners can have various experiences. Some might receive insights through images, through colors, noticeable temperature or energy shifts. Reiki is a deeply supportive and restorative healing modality and the level of stress decreases. 
Reiki is an incredibly soft and nice experience where you are held and body, mind and soul get a chance to recover.

It is a gentle and smooth process that takes place with the clothes on. Afterwards, we have a conversation about any feelings, sensations that may have arisen within you or me.
Reiki can cut through time and space, enabling distance healing. And Reiki at a distance is as effective as physical Reiki. Regardless of physical or distance treatment, the experience can vary from time to time.
For distance Reiki, I would like to have a conversation by phone, email or text message before and afterwards we have a conversation about any feelings, sensations that may have arisen within you or within me.
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