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Online and in-person

In a group setting we will create a deep and profound breathwork session, feeling the support from others, to release stress, anxiety and blockages out of our nervous system. You will get up feeling lighter and empowered.

The online sessions are facilitated via Zoom and this experience is just as powerful online and for some it is even easier due to:


  • The comfort of your home can make it somewhat easier to let go, you are in your safe space

  • The integration phase in the end can be as long as you like  

  • You have me facilitating through your headphones or speakers

  • You don’t have to drive or go anywhere afterwards

  • Harder to find excuses why not breathe


Online and in person

The private sessions are a combination of breathwork with a following conversation afterwards. They can be planned according to thematic set up based on inquiry or group setting. Such an amazing thing to do together with friends and family, book clubs or whatever.



  • Download Zoom on your device 
  • Set up your computer or device so that it’s next to your space.
  • Headphones are great if you are solo
  • A cosy calm space where you feel comfortable
  • This is a very disarming Breathwork, no props needed to get the experience. That said, if you feel that you would like to bring in oils, scents you are so very welcome
  • It is great for me to see you, but of course a camera is optional. 
  • If possible, let the animals stay outside - curious ones those cuties
Virtual session anchor
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