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Autumn - a season of transformation

Right now the nature is shifting its way so seemingly effortlessly into autumn. The trees start to pull back their energy, the leaves do their last colorful dance before goodbye. They know how to let go, in order to bring in new. According to Chinese medicine there are 5 elements that are fundamental to the cycles of nature and also are reflected in our bodies: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. And each element of the specific seasons is also associated with an emotion and organ within our bodies.

The Autumn is also associated with the element of Metal. Cool, hard, condense, downward drawing and still - yet, so malleable and able to bring forward a high amount of energy when used as intended. Metal is associated with the coming and going in life, the end of cycles and the rhythms of our breath. Working with it, not against it- risking to lose energy in the process.

The lungs transform the air we inhale to necessary oxygen for our bodies to function, and the large intestine eliminates waste our bodies no longer need. The lungs are also connected to the emotion of grief and are connected to our nose, skin and body hair (sweat glands) which are part of our immune system, working closely with other organs to provide and maintain a sense of homeostasis in the body. During this time of year some can feel this take form in their body with symptoms such as allergies, skin issues, tummy problems, depression and anxiety.

The autumn stands for Transformation, and its power is Balance. Suggesting that working against nature, against the natural ebb and flow of life, creates unease and imbalance.

If we seek the counsel of nature it will show us it is time to slow down, get heavy, in order to find the beauty and malleability of metal as it can be transformed, and again re-transformed many times over without losing its integrity. As well as the earth deep down contains minerals and forms energy, our bodies too contain that depth and condensed treasure. And as we use this time to go within and be a caretake of our souls, we can find the core and self worth within. We can take the time, and maybe even appreciate the preciousness of each breath to begin to gather our energy, by not only holding in, pushing down. But maybe also exhale to let go, like the leaves of the branches, practicing the art of letting go and be okay with that.

How do you embrace change?

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