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10 Reasons I Love Reiki

There is nothing to not love about Reiki. Soothing the nervous system and at the same time enhancing the body's ability to recover and heal - without the need for performance. My top reasons:

1. Reiki can get the energy flowing

We are built up by energy, and when optimal, the energy within us should flow easily and freely. However, sometimes we can feel stuck, anxious or stressed. Reiki aims to restore the flow of energy, remove blocks, soothing the nervous system and help balance your own energy

2. Reiki can raise your vibration

Everything in life has a vibrational frequency, and we feel and respond to others from this frequency. Aware…or not. When the frequency is high - we in general feel quite good, whilst a low vibration can give us lower emotional frequency. Reiki can help balance your own energy, removing blocks in a gentle way, in order to raise our vibration.

3. Reiki helps reduce stress, and is great for a good night's sleep

Reiki stimulates a very deep relaxation and can improve sleep and insomnia. Actually it has evidence from modern research to be an effective treatment in reducing stress and depression, anxiety and physical and mental pain or tensions.

4. Reiki gets me calm and happy

Physically, a treatment increases the oxytocin in the body - what is usually called the body's own happiness hormone

5. Reiki can create clarity

Mmm, I’ve heard that a mind filled with shame can not learn. As well as a mind full of stress can not always see clearly. Sometimes it is so foggy, and the direction for that next step is so blurred. For me, Reiki can lift that fog, making me feel the support from below.

6. Reiki can relieve physical pain

Physically, our bodies respond to vibrations with increased blood flow to tissues, muscles and organs. I have a hard time explaining this, but my own experiences, as well as clients and friends stories, make me just trust - without even feeling the need to do so.

7. Reiki can cut through time and space

Mmm, yeah sounds strange but it works from a distance too, location wise - but also time wise it can be a healing journey.

8. Reiki can only be of good use

Reiki is aligned with your highest self, helping you to be the utmost version of your true self. Can’t use it in a bad way.

9. Reiki as an alternative

Reiki is not a substitute for when you need medical care. It is an alternative therapy that however is approved, in many countries, by health departments and classified as a rehabilitative fitness method.

10. Reiki feels like a warm hug. Like magic!

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