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for Breaking Free

Pain and pleasure - two known feelings within us. Pain, if not released, can take the form of anger, anxiety or depression. We believe we protect us by silencing our inner voice and swallowing our feelings, by really we are just creating a filtered version of ourselves. 

Not saying that release is easy - it can certainly stir up confusion. But if we breathe to clear out the negatives, stop holding on to things that are no longer serving us, we can open up for light, love and freedom. The results afterwards will be undeniable

What is Breathwork and what benefits can I gain?

When, where and how


DATE : Wednesday Oct 27

TIME : 20.00-21.30 AM CET (registration closes 2 hours before) 

PRICE : 250 sek

LOCATION : ZOOM (link will be sent 1 h prior class)

CANCELLATION POLICY : Your booking is binding. Refund can only be made in case of injury or illness and presentation of a medical certificate is mandatory.

What is Breathwork

Breathwork is an active meditation. An energetic experience that helps you release stress, anxiety, fear, traumas and blockages out of our nervous system in a safe and efficient way. You need to prior experience, you will do some hard work but in the end I am confident you will feel lighter and empowered.

As well as our brain, our bodies can also store memories and emotions, and we do so mainly in the subconscious. Neuroscience has shown that most of our decisions, actions, emotions and behaviour depend on the 95 percent of brain activity that lies beyond conscious awareness. A trauma, big or small, can be imprinted on our muscles and our nervous system and if we do not learn to let go, it might become visible in other areas of our life. It can show up as for example stress, anxiety, aggression, sadness, depression, grasping, aversion, numbness, agitation, guilt, doubt, superstition. 

This style of Breathwork is a releasing technique where we breathe into our sympathetic nervous system and it actually enables us to tap into the subconscious, and create possibilities for the release of blockages, and we do so in a safe, non-scary way. We breathe to help us release and let go of stuck or blocked energy, breathe through them and create an emotional reboot of body, mind and soul. 

You will be guided through a breathing pattern, to carefully curated music, and you will be invited to dive deep into your body to clear stagnant energy, limiting beliefs and release emotional blockages or old patterns within. 

You are worth taking great care of yourself. Tapping into that beautiful intuition and creativity of yours. Open your heart to healing, self acceptance and to love for yourself and others

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