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for an energizing pause
- online class-

WHEN: 10 June

TIME: 12.00-13.00 pm CET 
11.00-12.00 am UK
PRICE: 250 Sek 

Zoom - link and instructions will be sent 2 hours before class

Cancellation policy: Booking is binding, if not medical certificate for injury or illness 

During these intense lunch sessions we will focus on release. The release of stress, worries, frustration and stuff that might be holding you back from stepping into the energetic self. 


We'll breathe together and simply see what waits to unfold.

What is Breathwork

Breathwork is an active meditation technique that allows the conscious mind to soften and lets the divine wisdom of the body take you on a powerful healing journey. It’s done in a safe, supportive environment using an ancient three part breathing technique. This practice can facilitate healing and growth mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally, and is accessible to everyone. It allows you to clear stuck energy, stress, anger and simply let go of things that are no longer serving you and shift your emotional state. It will leave you feeling relaxed, lighter, less burdened and more connected to your true luminous self.


This style of breathwork is a very different technique from the pranayama one might experience at a yoga class. While these practices are also beneficial, this potent method allows one to do deep healing work. The best way to discover its power is to come and experience it for yourself. It can be somewhat of a ride.

What you might experience

  • Clear out stuck energy

  • Relief from anxiety, grief and stress

  • Strengthens intuition

  • Calms and grounds the nervous system 

  • Inspires creativity

  • Deep relaxation and improvement of natural sleep patterns

  • Invites healing for trauma

  • Greater self-love and self-acceptance

  • More loving relationships

  • Emotional Balance

  • Relief from physical pain

  • Overwhelming feelings of joy

  • Wholeness, courage and a wanting to arise

  • Healing Subconscious Programming

  • Gaining Clarity

  • Restoring Your Immune System

  • Heart Opening

  • Supports addiction recovery

  • Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Health

Read more about the Benefits of Breathwork

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